Press Release: SDU Winery, India’s first New Age Boutique Winery, Launches Deva Brand of Wines in Bangalore

Bangalore June 2013: In 2003, a sprawling vineyard took shape on the rich, loamy soils of the Nandi Valley appellation located in the southwest region of Karnataka, on the outskirts of Bangalore. SDU Winery, is the culmination a dream and hard work that lead to the creation of India’s first new age boutique winery. SDU Winery today announced the launch of its first brand of wines – Deva.

Currently available in retail outlets across Bangalore – Deva Cabernet Sauvignon, a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon (red wine) produced from the company’s own vineyard is available in 350ml at Rs 325 and 700 ml at Rs 600, while Deva Syrah a 100% Syrah (Shiraz – red wine) is available in 350 ml priced at Rs 275 and 700 ml priced at Rs 500. 

Deva, which means divine in Sanskrit, adopts the simplicity of name and recall. Deva transcends from being a wine to an experience that words cannot describe. As Deva is the ideal wine for any occasion, the diya mnemonic also celebrates every such moment. Deva symbolizes celebration of the inner light – a strong passion. One sip of this fine wine will have everyone celebrating the spirit of life.  

The aim is to produce the most truly magnificent Indian wines for the wine connoisseur. These crafted, easy-drinking wines are not just superior – they are also divine. 

From its inception, SDU Winery has dedicated itself solely to the production of world-class red and white wines. The approach to wine making is simple, yet modern, in a state-of-the-art facility, with Italian machines and wine tanks that match international standards.

Renowned Italian winemaker, Andrea Valentinuzzi, strives to bring out the distinctive character of the SDU wines in every step from the vineyard to the glass, with grapes sourced solely from the Nandi Valley vineyard. 

Speaking on the launch of the Deva brand, Shaambhavi Hingorani, Director, SDU Winery said, “Since the founding of the Nandi Valley appellation in south Karnataka, SDU Winery has focused on crafting new age ?ne wines.

Our meticulously cared-for vineyards have perfect combinations of French grape vines, picturesque hillsides and ideal growing conditions. The bouquets in the Deva wines are a reflection of the pristine locale.

The level of richness, balance and complexity found in our world-class wines are the impact of the gentle, authentic winemaking approach that has helped us de?ne who we are.”

At SDU Winery, the wines represent the grapes primary expression. We ensure that the same unique characteristic is maintained throughout the winemaking process. “Our winery is equipped with our own in-house laboratory facilities and tasting rooms.

Our high-tech labs perform a comprehensive range of tests and analyses to ensure optimum wine quality throughout the process. With state-of the-art wine tank infrastructure, we are undoubtedly the most progressive boutique winery in India,” said Andrea Valentinuzzi, Wine Maker, SDU Winery. 

The Winery uses high quality stainless-steel equipment and tanks, as well as oak barrels for fermentation and maturation facilitated by rigorous in-house laboratory analyses. 

Distinctive Deva Wines – Tasting Notes 

Deva Cabernet Sauvignon  

A 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, produced from the company’s own vineyards in the Nandi Valley appellation

Tasting notes: Dry red – Fragrant and fruity, with a good body, accompanied by soft and smooth tannins, which lead to a lingering finish. 

Food Pairing: Pair with mildly spiced Indian kebab & curries, pastas and hard cheese 

*Serve chilled at 16o

Deva Syrah

A 100% Syrah (Shiraz – red wine), also from grapes grown in the SDU’s own vineyards in the Nandi Valley appellation

Tasting notes: Dry red – fruity and easy to drink with a hint of spice leading to a silky & smooth finish.

Food Pairing: Enjoy with white meats, pastas and Indian cuisine

*Serve chilled at 16o

Deva Chardonnay 

A 100% Chardonnay, produced from grapes grown in the Nandi Valley appellation- launching soon 

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Background Information 

The SDU winery Team

Shaambhavi Hingorani, Director

Shaambavi traveled the premier wine-growing regions of the world before she gained a deep understanding of wines and the associated complexities. South Africa, Italy, France, Australia, and California – each gave her insights to set-up India’s first boutique winery.

With the distinction of being the first woman to do so, she believes that boutique wineries create exceptional handcrafted wines that demonstrate the highest quality in limited quantities and a large reserve range. In 2003, Shaambhavi planted the ?rst vineyard in the Nandi Valley appellation.

Eight years later, she knew that the product of SDU Winery would be truly exceptional. Combining her passion for ?ne wines with a knack for managing the everyday business operations of a winery, she found the art of making wine a sensorial experience. With a state-of-the-art winery located in south Karnataka, Shaambhavi is recognized as one of the pioneers in the boutique winemaking movement.

Andrea Valentinuzzi, Winemaker

With over 25 years of experience in viticulture and winemaking with various Italian wineries including Casa Girelli and Cantine Pallavicini, our winemaker Andrea Valentinuzzi, has his roots in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Northeast Italy.

He has worked in India since 2006 and has extensive winemaking consulting experience internationally. He strives to create wines that re?ect the personality of these great vineyards. Andrea is very much a ‘hands-on’ winemaker, and has been personally involved in every aspect of setting up the winery and making the wine – the end-product exempli?es his skills, vision, and passion.

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