New wine access technology enables you to enjoy an expensive bottle without uncorking it

A new wine access technology, developed by Coravin might enable you to enjoy a glass of expensive bottle without committing to the whole bottle.  

A question will arise on how successful the new wine access system will be as the wine accessories market is already flooded with numerous wine openers and argon gas preservers like wineSave, reServe, (to name a few) that will enable you to keep your wine safe from oxidation.

Coravin has its advantages as it can be used on bottles with cork, which still has 70% market share among all wine closures. Unless the bottle comes with helix, it is impassable to ideally seal bottles with cork.

In a press release, Nick Lazaris, President and CEO of Coravin, LLC says that Coravin Wine Access Technology solves the age-old problem that wine oxidizes after the cork is pulled.

He is very optimistic that his new product will transform the experience of pouring and enjoying wine for everyone from the casual wine enthusiast to the serious collector, to restaurants and wineries. 

Even Robert Parker seems excited about the prospect of Coravin and has posted a series of videos about the new wine access system on his site 

Coravin press release quotes him to say, "The most transformational and exciting new product for wine lovers that has been developed or invented in the last 30-plus years." 

It remains to be seen how restaurants and wine bars make use of this technology as it should enable them to offer wider selection of fine wines by the glass and at a lower cost without fearing about wasting a expensive bottle. 

The Technology:
Coravin Wine Access System doesn't really disturbs the cork. It inserts a thin hollow needle that passes through foil and cork. It then pressurizes the bottle with argon that pushes the wine back through the needle. Coravin claims that cork naturally reseals by itself.  

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