Indian wine market to witness slowdown, says UK based Canadean

Surprising reports can always make it to the headlines, but does it needs to be true. UK based Canadean is clear on its strategy; to bring out suprising facts as it is near impossible to question the authencity of any report on our highly complicated wine maket.

Last October, Canadean puzzled every one claiming that the Sparkling wine captured 40.3 % of the Indian wine market. Considering the quantity of sparkling wine available for sale, I was worried about the size of entire wine market.

In a four months time, the firm released another survey report saying that the 'still wine' market share is steady at 70%. These facts also implies that the sparkling wine market nose dived by a huge 25%.

The article on gave away few more information on the Canadean report 'The Future of the Wine Market in India, to 2016' saying that the CAGR of Indian wine industry during 2011-16 period to be expected at around 5% compared to 7.56% between 2006 to 2011.

It also predicts the future growth between 2011 - 2016 to be around 27.4% compared to 44% for 06-11.

Don't be surprised if the Canadean comes up with another report by September to say that the market share for sparkling wine in India to be 20%.  I am wondering how Moët Hennessy India would react to these kind of reports.

Subash Arora of delWine expects fortified wine market share to be 40% and the Canadean report claimed it to be negligible otherwise.

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